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Currently we are running a two servers. One with kaje11's updated zombie mod and second one is Only Rifles Mod. In order to play on the servers you must own a legal or nonlegal copy of Call of duty 1 with 1.5 patch. After you join to the server you have to download the mod and the maps, when it is done you are good to go and you can start to murder every living/nonliving creature. Have fun and stick to the rules.

IP of the server: zom.rostojek.com:28960

Discord server: Join now!
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Events from Zombie's World

Big Event 4th January on our Zombies server!Hi!

As you know, Call of Duty 1 (1.1,1,5) and UO (1.41,1.51) are dead 😞

If you have little time and really want to play the good old Zombies, as in the old days.

I have to tell you something.

I would like to invite you to the best event of 2020!

Two guys found me on Steam and asked me about
| MODS |Zombies V3 files.

Well, I know Fabio and I really like him now. I don't want to give anyone, his hard work, it's not good. Well, but that's not the point.
Two guys told me about a LAN party in Germany and they wanted me to give them mod files to allow them to host V3 on lan.
But in the end we have a deal to play Call of Duty 1 1.5 Zombies by BraX edited by kaje11 and Prawy, as well as in Call of Duty United Offensive 1.51 | MODS | Zombies V3 by Kill3R edited by kruku445 and Fabio.

Here is our plan:
We will play for 3 days!

3 January 2020 17:00 CEST Time (check your https://time.is/en/CET) 10 party lan players max 2 or 4 more / less + (Prawy's community players probably means you / the man who reads this). We will be playing zombie United Offensive 1.51 V3

January 4, 2020, 7:00 pm CEST (check your https://time.is/en/CET) 100% more than 20 players at a LAN event + (Prawy's community players probably means you / the man who reads this). We will play 1.5 Zombie for several hours, followed by 1.51 V3 Zombie UO

January 5, 2020 Indefinite CEST Time (The time will be definite at 5th January, also the number of players) Number of players is not specified + (Prawy's community players probably means you / the man who reads this)

I will be very happy if you play with us on one of these days (PS: best to play on January 4 <3)
This is the only chance to play in 2020, like 10 years ago, we invite you to have fun. Events with non-standard items, such as special skins, etc., will be held on both servers, so what are you waiting for? : D


Starting XMAS event on our Zombies server!Welcome everyone after some break

Xmas event is starting really soon on Zombies it's 1 December at 7:00 pm CET because of that we are gonna play!

See ya on the server!


Discord serverGood news people! We got also discord server to chat and talk. Everyone feel free to join and talk to us. While you are on discord please stick to the rules.

There is a discord link at the top of the page ↑



Prawy's 17 BirthdayJuly 16 is the date of my 17th birthday, so we are gonna play at Sunday July 21 19:00 , I think that on July 21, it will be a good present for my birthday. So if I'm 17, let there be 17 players ☺️.

Currently you can't send admin appilcations.
This is a future function.
There also will be possible to buy VIP.



We are back!Good Day Zombies and Hunters,

Your eyes are not lying, our zombie and deathrun server finally returned from the ashes. Big thanks to NexxioN for hosting the servers. Anyone who is planning to play on the servers should say thanks to him.



Server Status

Map: mp_harbor

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Setting Variable
Server IP zom.rostojek.com
Gametype Zombies
Killcam off
Version 1.5
Password No
Punkbuster Off
Players 1/15

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